Working in tech? Here’s a dare to compare

Working in tech? Here’s a dare to compare

Posted On December 14, 2016

What are you taking home? #SVvsCAN

The Go North Canada team often gets asked: "Don't Canadian tech companies pay a lot less than Silicon Valley companies?"

The answer to that question starts with a more important question. “Do people that work in tech, take home more pay in Silicon Valley than in Canada?”

We regularly meet expat Canadians who think that moving back to Canada would mean giving up something. Maybe they'd give up their big Silicon Valley salary. Or the career opportunities they have in the US.

But a closer look at the facts shows that coming back to Canada doesn't have to be a sacrifice. Career opportunities in Canadian tech are bigger and better than they've ever been - right across the country. And those big paycheques (or pay checks) you find in Silicon Valley come with a lot of big expenses you don't have to worry about in Canada. 

But don't just take our word for it. Read the post “Debunking the myth of higher pay in Silicon Valley”. Better yet, do the math! We've pulled together some resources to help you do the calculations for yourself.

If you're wondering what your salary might be when you come back to Canada, you'll find helpful information on Payscale and

The dream of home ownership isn't just a dream in Canada. If you're wondering about the costs of real estate or rentals, lets you check out homes for sale and rent from coast to coast. And cities like Vancouver and Toronto have recently announced programs to help first-time home buyers. 

Wondering about other costs, like food, gas, and entertainment? Numbeo can help. 

Have other questions about moving back to Canada? Get in touch with us! 

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