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Ever wonder what’s happening in Canadian tech? Or wonder if there might be a job for you in Canada’s thriving tech communities? You’ve come to the right place!

Go North Canada brings you the stories of tech from coast to Canadian coast. You’ll find information on startups, big companies, and everything in between. We'll connect you to your next career move in the Great White North.

Innovation Nation

Did you know that Canada’s 71,000 tech companies are responsible for over 7% of Canada’s economic output and 5.6% of Canada’s total employment—even more than the US! We’re truly a nation of innovators. The Brookfield Institute’s report on the state of Canada’s tech sector provides more useful facts and figures—and a breakdown by region.

Stories of Canadian Tech

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There’s a job waiting for you in Canada—more than one in fact! No matter where you’d like to call home, there are opportunities to contribute great things to our tech companies.


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